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    • North Carolina Brewers

    • Beekeeper

      Gizmo Brewing, Honey Wheat Ale, Raleigh, NC, ABV 5.5%

      Characteristics of honey sweetness, floral nose, notes of fruit, a hint of clove with a light body.

    • Shotgun Betty

      Lonerider Brewing, German Hefeweizen, Raleigh, NC, ABV 5.8%

      This German-style Hefeweizen features a rich, banana-clove nose and refreshing dry finish.

    • Voodoo Ranger

      New Belgium Brewing, IPA, Asheville, NC, ABV 7.0%

      This golden IPA is bursting with tropical aromas and juicy fruit flavors.

    • Red Oak Seasonal

      Red Oak Brewery, Bavarian Pilsner, Greensboro, NC, ABV 5.3%

      No Additives, No Perservatives. Fresh, Pure, and Wholesome!! Enjoy!

    • Hummin' Bird

      Red Oak Brewery, Munich Golden Ale, Greesnboro, NC, ABV 4.5%

      No Additives, No Perservatives. Fresh, Pure, and Wholesome!! Enjoy!

    • Red Oak

      Red Oak Brewery, Bavarian Amber Ale, Greensboro, NC, ABV 5.0%

      No Additives, No Perservatives. Fresh, Pure, and Wholesome!! Enjoy!

    • Hoppyum

      Foothills Brewing, IPA, Winston Salem, NC, ABV 6.25%

      Take some Hoppy, add some Yum!!!

    • Long Weekend

      Mother Earth Brewing, IPA, Kinston, NC, ABV 6.5%

      Producing huge, juicy fruit flavors with very little of the bitterness.

    • The Duck Rabbit Milk Stout

      Milk Stout, Farmville, NC, ABV 5.7%

      A traditional full-bodied stout brewed with lactose (milk sugar).

    • Damn Right Plum

      Gizmo Brewery, Hazy Milkshake IPA, Raleigh, NC. 8.0%

    • Hakuna Matada

      D9 Brewery, Tropical IPA, Cornelius, NC, ABV 6.5%

      Flavorful Dank-style IPA with hints of Mandarin Orange, Pineapple, Grapefruit, and Elderflower.

    • Tropi Culture

      D9 Brewery, IPA, Cornelius, NC, ABV 6.7%

      A personal island oasis for whichever turf you’re sipping it on.

    • Pernicious

      Wicked Weed Brewing, IPA, Asheville,NC. ABV 7.3%

      Crafted to enjoy fresh and often. You’ll never look at IPAs the same again.

    • Thrilla in Vanilla

      Double Barley Brewing, Porter, Smithfield, NC, ABV 8.0%

      Pours a tan head that tastes like Vanilla Whip Cream!

    • Shelter In Place

      Gizmo Brewery, Pilsner, Raleigh, NC ABV 4.8%

      An excellent choice for yard work, reruns of old sporting events, and fighting cabin fever.

    • Carolina Apple Cider

      Bold Rock Brewing, Hard Cider, Mills River, NC, ABV 4.7%

      Crisp and refreshing, a blend of North Carolina apples.

    • NC Flights

      5 four ounce pours of your favorites.

      Take a tour of some of the premier breweries in North Carolina. You pick 'em, we pour 'em...

    • White Wines

    • Rex Goliath Chardonnay

      House White

    • Biltmore Pinot Grigio

    • Nobilo Chardonnay

    • Middle Sister Sauvignon Blanc

    • Stella Rosa Tropical Mango

    • Bex Reidling

    • Sake

    • Takara Plum (House Sake)

      Lovely aromas of sweet, ripe plum and cherry blossoms, and a sorbet-like palate of plum and cherry sweet-tarts. Enjoyable on its own or will also work nicely as a palate cleanser in between strongly flavored courses.

    • Domestic Drafts

    • Bud Light

      Anheuser Busch Brewing, Worldwide Light Lager, ABV 4.2%

      Four simple ingredients of the highest quality we can find to create a crisp taste you can count on.

    • Michelob Ultra

      Anheuser Busch Brewing, Worldwide, Pale Lager, ABV 4.7%

      Developed by Adolphus Busch in 1896 as a "draught beer for connoisseurs".

    • Red Wines

    • Rex Goliath Cabernet Sauvignon

      House Red

    • Portillo Malbec

    • Mark West Pinot Noir

    • Menage a Trios Lavish Merlot

    • 90+ Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

    • Biltmore Syrah

    • Craft Drafts

    • Asashi

      Asahi Breweries, Lager, Tokyo, Japan ABV 5.2%

      Asahi Super Dry, a product that transformed the modern beer industry in Japan, is described as a highly attenuated lager without the heavier malt flavors, dry taste reminiscent of some northern German beers.

    • Barvarian Heller Hock

      Red Oak Brewery, Bavarian Bock, Greensboro, NC. ABV 7%

      -No Additives, No Preservatives. Fresh, Pure and Wholesome!! Enjoy -

    • Matcha Green Tea

      Gizmo Brewery, IPA, Raleigh, NC. ABV 6.4%

      -Green Tea IPA brewed with Simcoe and Columbus hops-

    • NC Flights

      Take a tour of some of the premier breweries in North Carolina. You pick em', we pour em'

    • Sam Adams Seasonal

       Boston, MA. Seasonal

      Kick started the Craft Beer industry over 30 years ago, been brewing American Tradition ever since

    • Tropi Culture Jaboticaba

      D9 Brewing, Juicy IPA, Cornelius, NC. ABV 6.6%

      Trip into the trees with Jaboticaba juicy IPA. Quenching grape and berry notes with hints of citrus and pine

    • Watermelon Cider

      Bold Rock Brewing, Hard Cider, Mills River, NC. ABV 4.7%

      -Crisp and refreshing, an iconic summer refreshment-

    • Paycheck Pilsner

      Fullsteam Brewing, Old World Pilsner, Durham NC, ABV 4.5%

      An old-world pilsner brewed with new-world hops.

    • Pineapple Cider

      Austin East Brewing, Austin, TX. ABV 5%

      An exotic twist, Heirloom bittersweet and culinary apples blended with golden ripe delicious pineapples will give you a refreshing pineapple experience. Swirl gently before enjoying we use real fruit so there may be pulp.

    • Blue Moon

      Blue Moon Brewing, Denver, CO. White Belgian Style Wheat ABV 5.4%

      A wheat beer brewed with orange peel for a subtle sweetness and bright, citrus aroma.

    • Jai Alai

      Cigar City Brewing, IPA, Tampa, FL. ABV 7.5%

      A bold, citrusy and balanced India Pale Ale that involves six different hop varieties.

    • Black Oak

      Red Oak Brewery, Bavarian Double Bock, Greensboro, NC, ABV 8.5%

      No Additives, No Preservatives. Fresh, Pure, and Wholesome!! Enjoy!